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Xbox Series S and Series X HDMI Repairs

The most common repair on these models is HDMI port replacement as a result of physical damage to the port. This is often caused by moving the console and catching the HDMI cable while still plugged in or by repeated plugging and unplugging of the cable. Luckily, the HDMI ports are replaceable on the Series S and Series X, as with all other consoles.

I anticpate that as this generation of consoles get older, many of the faults that apply to the earlier models will require similar repairs. Other than broken HDMI ports, the Series S and Series X are still going strong right now.

Xbox consoles that have no image but the HDMI port seems intact are still repairable. This is particularly common on the Xbox One X and requires a chip to be replaced on the motherboard.

Playstation 5 and Playstation 4 HDMI Repair

All Sony Playstations are at risk from an HDMI breaking during handling. Consoles can leave the factory with the port poorly connected to the motherboard. The PS5 is particularly prone to damage when users stand them on end, often without the round base plate, but in any case once a PS5 has been knocked off a shelf and onto the cable it is a safe bet that the HDMI port will become damaged. You should also take care when plugging and unplugging the port, and also not travel your PS5 with the cables plugged into it.

Anyway, if your PS5 has a damaged HDMI port I can help! I also fit ports to older consoles such as the PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

The cost of HDMI port replacements for the Xbox Series consoles and the PS5 is £80. This includes a full stripdown and service, making your console like new again. This is not a job you should tackle yourself as you need specialist equipment and experience to avoid damaging the console. I am able to help with DIY port replacements gone wrong, but it is cheaper just to bring it to me first.

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