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Specialising in the repair and service of games consoles, WSMFix is happy to help get your Xbox working again. I can also take part-exchange of your broken Xbox console to help you get a faster and cost effective fix or upgrade. Based near Marine Lake in Weston-Super-Mare, you can drop your broken console with me for a quick and easy solution.

Console repair minimum cost - £50. If your console is actually faulty, there is no fix less than this minimum cost as they are complex and the parts and specialist techniques are required. Bear this in mind when considering if you want to get your broken console repaired.

From Xbox One, Xbox One S or One X, to the Xbox Series S and X - all Xbox consoles have common faults that need repair. Take a look below to find your console.

Xbox One Repairs

The first generation of the Xbox One is an older console but still good for a while yet. The Xbox One is cheap to buy secondhand so complex repairs are often no longer viable, but don't forget you can use your Xbox One as part exchange for an upgraded Xbox model I have in stock. Here are a few common repairs on the Xbox One:

  • Power supply problems - console won't boot.
  • Disk drive mechanical fault. Disks won't load or eject.
  • Disk drive reading problems. Disks spin games won't load.
  • Connection problems. WiFi or controllers keep losing connection to the console.
  • Xbox hard drive replacement / upgrade.
  • Cooling problems. Xbox overheats.
  • Clean and service your Xbox games console - the best preventative maintenance.

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Xbox One S and Xbox One X Repairs

Still good consoles, the One S and One X have common issues that are often fixable and this is usually more cost effective than replacement of the whole console. I can also take your faulty One X or One S as part-exchange for a refurbished model, getting you back to gaming fast. The most common issues with the One S and One X are power supply, drive failures, and HDMI / screen output problems.

Some repairs on the One S and One X include:

  • Power problems. Console will not boot.
  • Disk drive mechanical fault. Disks won't load or eject.
  • Disk drive reading problems. Disks spin games won't load.
  • HDMI / Video fault. Console boots but does not output to a screen.
  • Xbox hard drive replacement / upgrade.
  • Cooling problems. Xbox overheats.
  • Clean and service your Xbox games console - the best preventative maintenance.

Xbox One S or One X won't turn on or boot

There are two common sets of symptoms for the One S and One X when it comes to power / boot problems.

The first is where nothing happens when the power button is pressed. In this case, try booting the console by pressing another button on the console or by starting to insert a CD into the drive. This rules out the power button itself being the problem and may get your console to power on anyway. However, the power button is often not the cause. If not, the issue is likely on the motherboard but is repairable with a good success rate.

The second set of symptoms is where it makes the boot chime, the power light comes on, and then the console turns back off again. In this case, the repair is a little more complex and it may be a good time to consider asking me for a part-exchange for a replacement or upgrade. This is particularly in the case of the One S, which is not an expensive console to replace with a part-exhange.

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Xbox Series S and Series X Repairs

The Xbox Series S and Series X are newer generation consoles and have yet to really show their points of failure fully. The most common repair on these models is HDMI port replacement as a result of physical damage to the port. This is often caused by moving the console and catching the HDMI cable while still plugged in or by repeated plugging and unplugging of the cable. Luckily, the HDMI ports are replaceable on the Series S and Series X, as with all other consoles.

I anticpate that as this generation of consoles get older, many of the faults that apply to the earlier models will require similar repairs. Other than broken HDMI ports, the Series S and Series X are still going strong right now.

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Xbox Controllers - all models

I can supply refurbished Xbox controllers, part-exchange your faulty one, or refurbish yours. This includes everything from the Elite Series 1 and 2, plus the different generations of Xbox One, One S, One X and the latest Series models. These repairs including non-functioning buttons, power problems and stick drift.

The cheapest solution is repair or refurbishment of your controller. The fastest is part-exchange - bring me your faulty controller and I'll part-exchange it for a refurbished and fully working one right there and then.

I only sell and stock parts for genuine orginal Microsoft Xbox controllers and sadly I'm unable to take 3rd party gamepads for repair or exchange.

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I have nearly 40 years of experience in electronics and electrical engineering. When not working on domestic items, I work in the entertainment industry maintaining and repairing specialist lighting and sound equipment for concerts and other shows. I specialise in fixing things at component level, meaning diagnosis and replacement of individual faulty parts on a printed cicuit board (PCB). Often working without schematics, I trace faults using a range of diagnostic techniques and use soldering and rework methods to replace all kinds of electronic components.

My main goal is to promote a repair and re-use culture and give people the opportunity to have their electronic and electrical items repaired rather than having to throw good things away. Because of this, I also volunteer as a repairer at a local Repair Cafe in Weston-Super-Mare.

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